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Our HasseltGreeters

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I am always amazed what Hasselt has to offer in terms of tourism, culture and gastronomy.

As a born and raised Haspengouwer -globetrotter- I arrived here a few years ago and Hasselt has now become my base camp.

Walking and cycling coupled with a dose of nature and culture experience are my passions. If you would like to discover Street-Art or discover the green area around Hasselt by bicycle, I would be happy to be your host.

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I have been living (back) in Hasselt for a few years now and I like to walk through the streets, alleys, in and around the center. There is always something to discover, to experience, to taste. I would like to take you through the many shortcuts to the hidden gems of Hasselt, the green rest spots and the local shops. I hope to show and tell you the best things. See you soon?

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As a born and bred Hasselaar who still speaks the local dialect, Hasselt has been a part my life all the time.

A piece of Haspengouw, a piece of Kempen and a warm center, by bike or on foot.

There are many amazing lesser known places with beautiful stories.

I have broad interests from music to history, from nature to sports.

It is wonderful to share this with others.

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I live in the beautiful Godsheide.

Working with groups of volunteers and guiding activities is my thing; traveling, discovering other regions and cities have always interested me ...

Apart from being a walker, I am also a recreational cyclist and a big fan of the Limburg cycling route network.

I would like to take you on a walk or a bike ride in and around Hasselt and show you how much beauty and fun we have to offer here.

See you soon?

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As a born and raised Hasselaar,

I like to show my city.
During our discovery tour, I tell stories about the people of Hasselt and their city. Stories that have been passed on for generations.
While cycling, we enjoy the nature along the Demer and the Herk, or we put on our walking shoes and enjoy ourselves while walking.

This Glimburger would love to hit the road with you!

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As a young guy who grew up in Hasselt, I have a great love for the city and know its many different aspects. I especially like to share my passion for everything related to sustainability in the city, something I am also working on as a researcher, by the way. I can also give you lots of tips about the nicest places, fun cafes, and good (vegan) restaurants.

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