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Greeters, volunteer guides


A Greeter is a local volunteer, passionate about where they live, who wants to share this passion with others (max. 6 people) via an off-the-beaten-track guided walk of bike-tour. The Greeter tells you a story based on anecdotes and their favourite places. This allows you to discover Hasselt through the eyes of a local.

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About Greeters

Lynn Brooks, a native New Yorker, founded the Greeters concept in 1992 (the Big Apple Greeters). Since then, this concept has developed throughout the world and is federated by the international network: International Greeter Association. The idea has spread to more than 130 cities and regions all over the world, from Argentina to Vietnam. In Belgium you will also find Greeters in Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi,  Ghent, Hoegaarden, Liège, Lys Valley, Mons, Namur and along the coast.


Experience Hasselt on foot or by bike.

A visit to Hasselt with a Greeter will focus on the tourist’s experience. You’ll get to listen to personal anecdotes and top tips as your Greeter takes you on a tour through his or her city as though you were a relative or a friend. Tours will mainly be given on foot, but some Greeters will do bike tours as well. Please tell your Greeter your preference and he or she will provide you with a 2-3 hours visit. You can be sure of an original, authentic and completely free visit that will stay with you for a long time! Please visit  us on Facebook or Instagram 

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Please note: Groups of more than 6 people are not eligible for a greet, and can contact the local Tourist Office for a guided tour appointment.

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